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Yield Hunting is a full-service retirement and pre-retirement income community that is devoted to helping members construct a solid portfolio of high-yielding, income-producing securities. Historically, we have primarily used Fixed-Income Closed-End Funds, but since interest rates have normalized, we have shifted towards individual bonds and other assets that are relatively safer.

We think most retirees today are over-risked and have far too much in dividend stocks and other areas of the equity markets simply because the bond world is unknown to them.

Additionally, we think most bond funds - open-end mutual funds and ETFs that have bond strategies - are inferior products and should not be held if you have more than $250,000.

Recommended security types:

  • Closed-end bond funds

  • Individual Bonds

  • Municipal bonds

  • Real estate investment trusts

  • Preferred Stocks.

Our goal is to help investors navigate the areas of closed-end funds, individual bonds, and preferred stocks while avoiding excessive risk.

Our Pledge

For those that are saving for, approaching, or are already in retirement, we have one pledge to you:

We do not sacrifice yield generation for excessive risk.

Some services will try and earn you an extra percentage of yield at any cost- exposing their investors to absurd amounts of risk.

Our portfolio is considerably less risky than the S&P 500.

How It Works?

Yield Hunting's proprietary Core Income Portfolio seeks to return a high single digit yield with stable to rising principal and significantly less downside risk than stocks.

Invest alongside a real portfolio manager and financial advisor with over 25 years experience managing assets- along with his dynamic team, each specializing in his or her niche area.

You keep complete control of your portfolio- mimicking our trades (if you wish) or using our proprietary data to make you own portfolio how you see fit.

Our goal is to make only a handful of trades a month, limiting the complexity of following our service.

With the service you receive access to our Models:

  • Core Portfolio- our proprietary portfolio and the centerpiece to any portfolio. It has generated in excess of 8% for the last four years.

  • Muni Portfolio- for those with a sizeable taxable account who wish to use muni’s to increase tax-free income production

  • Preferreds Portfolio- our data driven model for selecting preferred securities

  • Individual Bonds- We want to take advantage of once in a generation higher rates and lock in yield and duration.

  • Also, includes our proprietary database of Terms, Mutual Funds, REITs, and other Income Securities.

These portfolio show all the data within each including live price updates, buy/sell/hold flags and all the information necessary to make an informed trade.

In Addition, our premium service will provide:

  • Monthly Newsletter - Details the current investing environment, portfolio construction techniques and advice, and a review of our model portfolios. 

  • Weekly Commentary - Goes through the events of the week and things to watch for in the upcoming week. This also includes performance for our holdings and the effects the current market situation will have on them.

  • Daily Notes - Daily market analysis at the opening bell to inform investors where we stand with up to the minute information

  • CEF Report- A review of the CEF sector as a whole and our strategy for navigating it

  • Spotlight - Several write-ups each month on specific opportunities that include funds, stocks, or bonds

  • Alerts - Buy/ sell alerts on securities within the portfolio as conditions warrant

And Lastly,

  • Access - You are not on your own! We are available weekdays during market hours via email for any and all questions or concerns. We also offer a complimentary cursory review of your portfolio, so you know you are not going it alone and always have a professional's ear whenever you need it.

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