Yield Hunting: Alternative Income Opportunities is a full-service retirement income offering that is devoted to helping members construct a solid portfolio of high-yielding securities.

Our goal is to find yield in a yieldless world

For those that are approaching retirement or are already there, we have one pledge to you:  We do not sacrifice yield generation for excessive risk.

Some services will try and earn you an extra percentage of yield at any cost- exposing their investors to absurd amounts of risk. Our portfolio is considerably less risky than the S&P 500.

The Yield Hunting Service Includes...:

  • Portfolio Models - Our models in Google Sheets (free Excel) clearly detail our investment strategies, updating with real time pricing.

    They detail our three portfolios: the Core Portfolio, Muni Bond Portfolio, and Peripheral Portfolio, as well as when you should buy, sell, or hold.  The models show all key pertinent information pertaining to each investment, to help you make a more informed decision. Below is an example of a section of the Core Portfolio and just some of the info it details:

google sheet.jpg
  • Monthly Newsletter - Details the current investing environment, portfolio construction techniques and advice, and a review of our model portfolios.  We do offer past issues for free.  Simply message us that you would like to receive a past newsletter and provide an email address to send it to.  

  • Weekly Commentary - Goes through the events of the week and things to watch for in the upcoming week. This also includes performance for our holdings and the effects the current market situation will have on them.

  • Yield Hunting Review - this will take a more macro approach to the market for more long-term

  • Spotlight - Several write-ups each month on funds, stocks, or bonds where we see specific opportunities

  • Alerts - Buy/ sell alerts on securities within the portfolio as conditions warrant

And finally....

  • Access - You are not on your own! We are available weekdays during market hours via chat, private message, and email for any and all questions or concerns. We also offer a complimentary cursory review of your portfolio, so you know you are not going it alone and always have a professional's ear whenever you need it.

Additional subscriber features include:

  • Retirement income coaching on building an income stream from your portfolio

We research the best income-producing securities within the closed-end fund, business development companies, and other fixed-income opportunities. Our goal is to produce an income stream that can create a high single digit yield while protecting principal and minimizing risk.

  • A wide database of Closed End Funds (CEFs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Baby Bonds, Muni's, BDC's, and other security ideas for income generation.

  • Small and mid-cap stock trade ideas (both long and short) with compelling long-term risk-reward opportunities as well as mispriced stock ideas with short-term catalyst-driven opportunities with a value/contrarian philosophy..

Check out some of our free reports - These are public reports which provide a more macro view of certain investments and strategies. Those who subscribe will have access to more detailed investment information including when to buy, sell, or hold.

We also run a retirement blog called Retire With Income - highlighting all the news and information you need to guide you to a healthier, and hopefully earlier, retirement!


Monthly Access:     $59
Annual Access:       $525