Trade Alerts: PDI / PCI


A quick note to notify members of some portfolio movement.  I did sell some of my overweight in both PDI (which was a small one) and PCI.  Today, the flag flipped for PDI from 'hold' to 'sell' on the sheets.  For those longer-term members, they know that doesn't mean you run and throw out a market order to sell all shares.  The Google Sheet is formulaic and once the real-time price moves enough compared to last nights NAV to bring the premium above the "sell above" price, the flag automatically flips. 

Right now, the NAV is in a nice uptrend and momentum is clearly on your side on price.  We see no reason to be aggressive on selling any part of your position.  The rationale for our sale was our very LARGE overweight - mainly in PCI - started on the 20th of December and adding significantly when the 'Strong Buy' flag flipped on the Google Sheet on the 24th.  

We really like the current buy/sell criteria of the Core and think we are positioned well for future volatility.  

For me, most of the cash raised will go back into the safe bucket.  I had tapped it down to almost nothing during the market swoon.  Remember, I am still in accumulation mode where tapping the safe bucket is far different than during retirement for spending needs. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.