Yield Hunting...

is a full-service retirement income offering that is devoted to helping members construct a solid portfolio of high-yielding securities. Our goal is to find yield in a yieldless world.

Yield Hunting's Core proprietary portfolio seeks to return a mid-to-high single digit yield with stable to rising principal and significantly less downside risk than stocks.

Invest alongside a real portfolio manager and financial advisor with over 25 years experience managing assets- along with his dynamic team. Yield Hunting’s easy-to-follow low-maintenance models are aimed to generate a high single-digit yield for retirement income planning or fixed income allocations.


Why Yield Hunting?

We attempt to obviate the need of a financial advisor while saving you precious time. Most people seek out the aid of an advisor simply because they do not have the technical know-how nor the time in their lives to manage their own portfolios.

We are here to help investors bridge that gap, saving them thousands of dollars per year in the process. Most advisors charge approximately 1% per year on each dollar of assets managed. For a $1,000,000 portfolio, that equates to $10,000 per year in fees. In a low yield and low return environment, that 1% is likely to eat away a significant portion of your total returns. Ask yourself if your advisor is worth $10,000 per year!


Our Investment Philosophy...

Core Portfolio- Our investment philosophy aims to have a Core Portfolio that generates income and gives us a 8%+ total return. For retirees, we think the risk-return is more favorable on the fixed income side than on the equity. For generating strong income streams, we think dividend payers are overvalued and are putting retiree portfolios at risk! Our risk profile is approximately 2/3 less risk than the S&P 500 on NAV.

Peripheral Portfolio- This is aimed at diversifying the Core Portfolio by investing in equity REITs, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Muni’s, preferred stocks, exchange traded baby bonds, and other vehicles including dividend paying stocks. While our service is aimed primarily at late-stage career and retired investors, the strategy can also be used to augment traditional equity investing via open-end mutual funds or ETFs.


Why Our Strategy is Different...

For equity dividend investing, we feel the valuations are stretched after a 11-year bull market, especially in dividend payers and dividend growth stocks. Corporate balance sheets are significantly levered leaving little room for dividend growth or a recession.

Still, we hunt for stocks that are very cheap and misunderstood, often with complex business models. Our investment strategy in these is to find value stocks with highly negative sentiment that we think will have catalysts that shifts that sentiment and re-values the stocks over a two-year time horizon. We want to find dividend payers without huge downside risk, unlike other services which will advocate any high yield dividend payer, regardless of risk profile. These picks always look great on the upside (where we've been for the last few years) but will hurt much worse when equities start a downturn.

Yield Hunting is a marketplace concept that focuses on finding that best risk-return areas of the market for income investors, especially those nearing or in retirement. We focus on a Core Portfolio that aims to provide enough income to support your lifestyle without taking on excessive risks.